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Homeowners Insurance


Homeowners Policy Exclusions: What Isn’t Covered

No matter what type of homeowners insurance policy you buy, there will always be perils the policy will NOT cover or exclude. It is important to understand these exclusions so you can make a decision on what additional insurance you will need to purchase for your real estate. For example, do you know which of these circumstances is NOT covered

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Insuring Jewelry and Other Valuables

Do you have valuable stuff? There is a giant misconception for most policy owners that ALL of their personal property is insured under their homeowners, renters, condo or dwelling policies. Almost all of your personal property is insured under your homeowners policy, however, most valuables have sublimits that leave you severely underinsured. What coverage is built into your homeowners policy

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Swimming Pools and Lawsuits

Let’s face it; having a pool on your property is great! Pools look great, families love them, friends love them and they increase the value of your property. On a hot day in California or Nevada you need two things: a BBQ and a swimming pool. Have family & friends over, fire up some great food and splash away. Having

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